How To Become Influencial

World's most influencial People

World’s most influencial People

Would you like to become as influencial as them?
Are you tired of being an introvert? of being ingnored all the time?

Well,Lets start off with some of the factors which can guide you to the path of becoming influencial:

People in sales business have known for ages that giving away free samples is a great way to gain favours. We live in a society where we’re brought up to believe to give something in return for things we receive. Doing something for someone else will almost always encourage them to feel they owe you something, which makes it easier to get something from them in return.

People feel bad turning us down for things we ask for. So when we then accept their decision to not perform a request for us and then are asked to perform a smaller task they feel compelled to fulfil this smaller task instead. Imagine being asked to baby sit for someone while they went on holiday for an entire week and turning them down. If they then asked you to look after the child for just one night instead you would be much more likely to agree to it.

People have a habit of being flaky, such as not turning up to events they’ve been invited to. However, people do have a desire to appear and be considered consistent. By asking someone to verbally confirm that they will be performing an action or attending an event it drastically increases the chances that they will actually attend. Once they’ve acknowledged that they have agreed to come, it becomes harder to accidentally forget it was happening.
Be influential without money by becoming likeable…

4)Social Validation
As independent as people like to think of themselves, in reality we often look to others for what to do. If we saw a group of 20 people looking up at a building we’d be likely to look up with them just to see what was going on. This concept of following others is a powerful tool indeed.

It goes without saying, but the more we like someone the more likely we are to do something for them. Similarity is one of the easiest ways to generate liking. Salespeople and fundraisers have used this many times to build connections with clients, even faking commonalities in order to achieve a connection. If you’re really trying to get someone to like you though and it doesn’t seem to be working, rely on compliments. Recent studies have show that people will respond evenly well to compliments that are true as to those that are untrue.

As we grow old we’re taught to respect people in authority of us. In a situation where we lack confidence we’re often likely to follow the person who seems the most authoritative in any given situation. Try to make sure you always sound like you know what you’re doing, even if you don’t. This way people will still begin to look for you to help them in the choices, making it easier for you to help them and build up even stronger influence over them. As long as you don’t mess up too often, you should find that once people begin to see you as an authority on a subject you become more authoritarian yourself, building up a beautiful cycle of ego boosting.

Remember, these six factors have an exceptional chance of altering someone’s reactions towards you, which makes them a powerful set of tools to have at your disposal.